I am a SUPER MAN !!

Everyone, especially boy in his childhood, might have the same experience that he could be a super hero saving the world from ruffians. When he has a cape, he believes that he disguises himself as a superman and has the ultra power. He is convinced of his capability flying to the sky so that he tries to test that. TV shows and cartoons make many boys have this risky dream, and sometimes or very often serious accident could occur by that. I was also one of the victims of the dream. Fortunately, I didn't get the serious result since I tried to fly from the top of a slide in the playground. If I had attempted it from the balcony of 4th floor my house, I would not be able to write this essay here. I don't mean to argue about the TV shows and the bad effect of those here. Rather, I'm talking about the beautiful dream that only kids can have. Although the dream that can fly to the sky is a futile and even dangerous dream, it is a beautiful privilege worthy to have once in the childhood. We adults might have the same dream. Only the cape is replaced by money and power enabling to hold a car becomes something different. Then, the dream can no longer keep the value of the beauty.

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Ann Arbor, MI USA

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