My Grandparents.

This is a picture of my grandparents. On tuesday february 25, 2003 my grandma passed away. On February 9, 2003 my aunt and grandma were on their way to church and got in a minor car accident but my grandma bumped her head on the dashboard which caused her to have a blood clought in her brain. She was in the hospital for 2 weeks and she was expected to die the first night so we all stayed with her. She got a little better and the doctors decided to perform surgery, which didn't make her much better. My grandpa's cancer came back and he is really sick. His life expectancy today to about 6 weeks. Her funeral is going to be held on saturday and i will be speaking at it. We will be getting her a tree in Fish Creek Park. She was a wonderful person she was always happy and for the time I knew her I never once heard her raise her voice to anyone. Whenever we went to their house we never left empty handed, she always had to give us something even if it was as small as a peach or as big as a pie. My gramdma made the best apple pie ever! She loved to bake, in fact she was part of the CWL. And she loved to read the obituaries. My grandpa would always give us money wherever we went there. He also saved his money to help pay for my sister's and I's education. They were married for 60 years this year. She will be greatly missed.
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by C.P.
Calgary Canada

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