The Man Who Had No Friends

This man is named Dilbert. His high school experiences were not his best times because he didn't have many friends. People made fun of him constantly and made his life horrible. People often called him Dilly which made him despise his name and even himself for that matter. He wouldn't join clubs or anything because every time he went out in public, he felt worse and worse. He caused a lot of trouble, pulling fire alarms and stuff like that. Finally, the principal had of enough of his trouble-making so, to get him involved with other students, he assigned him to work on the dance committee to work on the junior prom. He would rather have sat in detention for a few weeks considering it would have kept him away from the "Popular" crowd that work on the dance, but the Principal wouldn't give in. He started that day after school and he made snotty comments to all of the ideas and just made a fuss about everything. Finally the preppiest, prissiest, most popular girl had had enough! There was a big argument between the two, and neither of them could settle on a single thing. They argued for hours on end without stopping! They started to calm down after awhile and, without thinking, Dilly asked her to the dance. They are still together to this day and they don't even argue anymore! It was just like a movie!
submitted by Erin
Wisconsin, USA

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