Dancing with daddy.

This picture represents an important aspect of my life, family. My older sister and I have a special connection. We're best friends not just sisters.Whenever anything big happens in each other's lives we know about it first.My sister is now 16 years of age turning 17 in April and I just turned 15 in January we are about 1 year and 4 months apart. We always got along ,well at least most of the time. Since we were young we've gone to all kinds of family functions anniversaries, birthdays, weddings etc. At all of these events there was always a dance or music and my sister and I would dance no matter what. We both started out dancing with dad and he taught us everything he knew. Usually every dance we went to we danced with daddy ever since we were 4 years old.We were daddy's little girls. After my little siter was born there were three people dancing on daddy's feet. Things gradually changed as we got older we danced less and less with dad but my little sister still danced with dad. In august of 2001. my dad was in a car accident that broke both his legs, one of his arms, and a vertebrae in his back. The injuries put him in a body brace and in a wheel chair for a few months. Afterwards, he couldn't walk the same. He had damaged a whole bunch of nerves in his foot and there were screws placed in his bones. He just recently had an operation to fuse all the bones in his ankle to make it easier fro him to walk. But ever since that day, whenever we went to a function daddy never danced the same.
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