i tried to remember feelings i had way back when. it seems kinda dramatic, but the subject is. i just remember always having questions when i was younger and asking other people my age, like in seventh grade and us all being confused and thiunking stupid things. and how rumours would fly about how you could and couldnt get it. and how it was embarassing to talk about it. and somehow in my health class, it never came up. i just remember having lots of questions and then them all getting abruptly answered with the reality of the concerns of AIDS touching me and my close friends, and when it started being an immediate risk, not a distant one. friends having casual sex and then remembering that they could get sick. especially the guys. it's the first time they have to be concerned, cause it's not like they have ever worried about getting pregnant or anything else. and freaking out, or hidden panic when i worked at a medical clinicin mexico about how careful we had to be. and it's crazy becasue they approach the subject on ER, but it isnt realistically introduced, in my opinion. i dont know how, but somehow drop the bomb that it really isnt an isolated disease.

Jessica Ingram
New York, New York USA

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