Kenneth L. Guerrier

This is the story of my brother who passed away Oct. 8, 1996 at 64 years of age. Ken, was my favorite brother. A real man's man. A Police Officer for most of his life and so very proud of it. He received disability from the Police Force due to a heart condition which required surgery. He was so terrified of surgery, but the Dr. said without it he would die. So, he had the surgery and as a result received tainted blood. Many years later he was diagnosed and following the diagnosis lived two short years. Ken was not a tall man, maybe 5' 7" and always a little heavy. That all changed with the disease. He slowly shrunk away and at death weighed 85 lbs. Ken was my big brother, the one I always turned to when I needed help. It was heartbreaking to see him so sick and become someone who didn't even know me.

Another brother and his wife, chose to totally shun Ken when they learned of his disease. They even told him that they would not visit him because of the AIDS. There was no chance of educating them, for they felt and still do that they know more than anyone and that, in their words "The Govt. is lying to us" believing AIDS is in the air, transmitted through mosquitos, touching and simply breathing the same air as an infected person. All of this seems impossible for me to understand, for when you love someone, nothing else matters. And we all (most of us) know these fears are unfounded.

It is now one year since I last say Ken. He lived in Florida and came here to Dudley, Mass. for a visit last August. By then he was so frail, I had to help him do everything and he didn't even know me. My heart still breaks, but at least he is not suffering anymore.

Ken left behind a lovely wife who is 20 years his junior. (They said it would never last) They were married nearly 25 years. She is a wonderful woman who cared for Ken so lovingly. His loss has brought us very close.

All of this may not be interesting or what you are seeking for input, but I felt I had to offer my small contribution in my brother Ken's name, Kenneth L. Guerrier.

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